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Featured Trees

Scotch Pine

As a Christmas tree, Scotch Pine is probably the most commonly used species in the United States.  It resists drying and if permitted to become dry does not drop its needles.  When displayed in a water filled container, it will remain fresh for the normal 3 to 4 week Christmas season.  Scotch Pine branches are very stiff and will support numerous decorations and heavy ornaments.  Like all natural trees it is readily recyclable and has many different uses following the Christmas holidays.

White Pine

A good Christmas tree for people with allergies, as it has very little scent.  White Pine branches are very flexible and lend well to bows, light ornaments, and Christmas Tree lights.  The needles are soft and light.  When properly watered they last a long time.
Austrian Pine

An Austrian Pine has dark green needles that are 4 to 6 inches long.  This tree retains needles well and has a moderate fragrance.

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is what most think of as the traditional tree at Christmas.   This tree has its own unique scent, feel, and shape that will remind you of a traditional Christmas.   The needles are mid to dark green and a bit prickly to touch, but the strong branches make it an ideal tree to decorate.  Watering is a must so that the tree retains it needles.